ROADCRAFT are happy to trade-in your old (European or U.K. specification) vehicle against a new vehicle purchase.

We will underwrite your vehicle for the best trade price possible and guarantee the agreed price right up to the delivery date of your new car ensuring you always have the convenience of transport.

Our unique Trade-in scheme also permits you to sell your car for more money than the agreed trade-in price at any time prior to delivery of your new car without losing the option to trade-in your car. 

This means that whilst your new car is being built, you can advertise your used car for a higher price than the one we have agreed to pay you. If you are successful then you can sell your car privately and if not then you can trade-in your car for the agreed price.

We will also offer your used car to our retail customers in an attempt to obtain an even higher trade-in price for you when your new car arrives.

We always require completion of our ‘Trade-In description form’, your full chassis number and some recent photos.

You can choose to have the agreed Trade-In price paid direct to the Manufacturer of your new car (as part payment of your new car) or receive the funds as a separate payment.