Finally, the rebels have a cause.

The performance, downright powerful. The curves, hardly believable. The heritage, rich in sport. The feel of the ride, undeniably BMW. And the chance to drive it? Sheer joy.


BMW is one of the world’s best-known makers of prestige cars, whose models have a reputation for focusing on the driver’s enjoyment behind the wheel.

It’s impossible to deny the sheer pleasure of the BMW driving experience whether you are behind the wheel of a brutal M series or a luxurious Tourer .



For a prestige brand, BMW claims a relatively low CO2 emissions average, helped by its EfficientDynamics programme, which boosts fuel economy. It’s also embraced electric cars with the i3, as well as hybrid models such as the 330e.

Our program has given our customers the opportunity of driving a quality car with unique handling and comfort for a lower price than many inferior manufacturer’s cars.