About Roadcraft

ROADCRAFT is the exclusive division of the Autosalon Carworld Group which has been supplying exclusive new tax-free cars for over 37 years to NATO Military, Tourists and Diplomats of all nationalities across the world. Our reputation is based on the highest level of service and the lowest prices- guaranteeing customer satisfaction. We believe our claim to 37 years of 100% customer satisfaction to be unique in the automobile industry. All cars sold by Roadcraft include our unique 24/7 LIFETIME SUPPORT guaranteeing your satisfaction.

ROADCRAFT is a global organisation working with manufacturers and customers from all Continents. Our multilingual staff are experienced in satisfying the specific requirements of each country of residence and of final destination. Legal,logistical and personal requirements are all satisfied by Roadcraft. Our 24/7 Lifetime Support ensures customers are able to contact us at any time. Enquiries/Offers/Appointments/Orders/Deliveries can be all be arranged directly at one of our showrooms or over the Internet ensuring efficient and effective service at all times.


Roadcraft staff are trained to provide professional service and (unlike most other sales persons) they work for a salary and not for profit related commissions therefore are not encouraged to pressurise customers or manipulate prices for profitability.

Our organisation respect your privacy and will provide all the information and services you require to order a new vehicle however we will not abuse your privacy, confidence or trust with inappropriate sales tactics.

Our enquiries service is free of charge and is not subject to you providing us with an order. We trust that our prices and service will encourage you to recommend us to your colleagues in the same manner as thousands have done before you. Welcome to ROADCRAFT